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Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA100L

Drop Shape Anaylzer, DSA100L

Automated wetting analysis of large samples

With the special version DSA100L of our Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA100, the instrument is fitted in a particularly wide frame and equipped with a large, rotating sample table plus an extra-long movement axis. Thanks to an adapted arrangement of the optics which is above the sample, almost the whole frame width is available for samples with an area of up to 500*500mm.

Due to full software control of axis, the sample table, and the single-dosing unit of the DSA100L, drops can be deposited and analyzed fully automatically on the whole surface of the sample. Mapping measurements with accurate dosing at virtually any number of pre-defined positions are alos possible. This enables position-dependent wetting differences to be determined fully automatically.

Numerous upgradesw are availalbe for the DSA100L. For example, the measuring process can be standardized down to the smallest detail with the help of software-controlled zoom and focus setting and with a motoorized lift table. In addition, our Liquid Neddle dosing unit enables surface free energy dtermination with two liquids in less than a second at each measuring position.