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Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA100HP

Drop Shape Analyzer - DSAHP

Drop Shape Anaylzer - DSA100HP


The Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA100HP is our high-quality solution for the precision measurement of contact angle as well as surface and interfacial tension under pressures up to 1,750 bar. In order to carry out the measurement, the DSA100HP's high-resolution camera records video images of dosed drop through the pressure cell's viewing windows and these are then evaluated in real time.

The optimum configuation for different pressure ranges

The low to medium pressure range is covered by designs up to 40 and 690bar, in each case at temperatures up to 200℃. The new, heatable Mini Dosing System - MDS, which requires a sample volume as low as 2.5mL and is distinguished by particularly eas handling, is available for these versions. The measuring range is substantially extended with a third variant up to 1750 bar ar up to 250℃. This will enable you to obtain meaningful data even under extreme reservoir conditions.

Flexible dosing options

All designs allow the sample and the dosing capillary to be positioned flexibly without opening the chamber, thus enabling several contact angels to be measured on one sample with very little effort. Good accessibility of all components makes filling and cleaning very easy.

Process conditions exactly simulated

The DSA100HP provides further options for accurately reproducing the conditions on site and for obtaining process-related results. An external gas connector is provided as standard, for masurements with liquid or supercritical CO₂. The surface tension and wettability results are therefore also relevant for gas flooding processes. Even oil with dissolved gas(live oil) can be connected and investigated.

The measuring cell is also available made from the corrosion-resistant alloy Hastelloy for carrying out measurements with salt water(brine) as found in reserviors.

Measuring methods and options

- Contact angel measurement using a sessile drop

- Surface tension of a liquid in gas or interfacial tension between two liquids using a pendant drop

- Upside-down pendant drop measurement of an oil drop in water

- Measurements at pressures up to 1750 bar and temperatures between -10℃ and 250℃