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The new generation - 새로운 개념의 접촉각 측정기 DSA100은 Frame, Dosing, Module, Optict Module,
X-Y-Z Direction and Software등 각 부분에 대해 사용자의 선택과 응용분야에 따라 수동 측정방식에서 완전 자동 측정방식까지 30,000 가지 이상의 조합이 가능한 제품입니다.

DSA100 (접촉각 측정 화면)click DSA100R
Tilting Table System
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Micro dosing system DSA100M
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DSAHT High Pressure View Chamber PA3210
(up to 40bar)
High Pressure View Chamber PA3213
(up to 700bar)

■ DSA100 / DSA100L 의 장점
사용자 선택에 따른 30,000 가지 이상의 조합이 가능
수동 또는 AUTO방식의 샘플 스테이지
8가지 테스트 용액까지 가능한 액체주입장치
LARGE 샘플 표면의 쉬운 접촉각

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■ Application
Determination of surface treatments
Examination of adhesive properties
Surface purity check

Optimization of a broad variety of

QC for wafers and microelectronics

■ Technical Data of the DSA100 / DSA100L
Maximum sample size (LxWxH) 300 x ∞ x 150 mm (500 x ∞ x 48 mm)
Dimension of sample (LxW) 105 x 105 mm
(Ø 300 mm) (500 x 500 mm)
Range of contact angle measurements
  • 0 to 180°
  • +/- 0.1° resolution
Range of surface tension measurements
  • 1x10-2 to 100mN/m
  • 0.1mN/m resolution
  • 7-fold Zoom
  • FOV 3.2 to 22.5mm (1.6 to 11mm) diagonal
  • Stray light compensation
  • Integrated focus module
  • High-performance-vario-field ilumination
  • Yaw-free Viewing angle alignment
Video systems
  • 60 fp/s (1000 fp/s optional)
  • Online max. 100 evaluations / second
  • Video sequences (duration depending on RAM)
  • Automatic software trigger for evaluation / recording
Software 6 different methods of drop shape analysis for Sessile Drop, automatic baseline for contact angle between 0 to 180°, option for curved baseline, Pendant Drop Method, video sequence, procedure definition, autodrop delivery, calculation of surface free energy according to Fowkes, extended Fowkes, Wu, Zismann, Owens-Wendt-Rabel, van Oss & Good, Neumann, calculation of Wetting envelopes, etc…
Temperature range -60 to 400°C
Dimensions (LxWxH) 380 x 620 x 610mm (380 x 954 x 610)*
Weight 25 to 45 kg
Power supply 110 to 240VAC
* DSA100L

■ Measuring Methods
* *

Sessile & Captive Drop Method (static and dynamic)
Tilting Drop Method
Sessile Drop Method

■ DSA100 / DSA100L 정보

■ Temperature Controlled


Temperature controlled chamber for large samples


Temperature controlled chamber up to 90℃


Temperature controlled chamber for rapid changes


Temperature controlled unit for liquids


Temperature controlled chamber for high temperatures 


High-temperature dosing units


Humidity chamber